Paul McGowan
Paul is the founder of Education Associates which consults with state departments of education and local schools and school systems on how to create and sustain change and improvements resulting in improved student learning and achievement. Education Associates is located in Ogunquit, Maine and can be reached at 207-641-0870 or

Erline Belton
Erline is the CEO and Founder of Belton Lyceum Group, an organizational development consulting firm whose mission is to influence societal and workplace rethinking and strategy development for teams. She works to create principles based on the value of truth telling. Her life's work is to be of service to others in their search to create effective results-based organizational legacies that honor people with intention. Currently, she is working with senior executives, leadership teams, and boards in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. She may be reached at 617-442-8033 or

John Miller
John has served as a teacher, Director of a Teachers' Center, and as the principal of an award winning elementary school on Nantucket, Massachusetts. He recently collaborated with Drs. Tom and JoAnn Shaheen of Rockford, Illinois on The Principal's Advocate, a book for school leaders, and presently works as a whole school change coach. He may be reached at 508-228-4138 or

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