There is an unprecedented need for effective leadership at all levels in our public education system due to higher expectations, demands for improved results, changes in students’ lives, technology, increased competition, extensive legislated mandates, and ever-expanding knowledge and access to it.

Current organizations, resources, and programs are not sufficient, nor are they particularly focused on or effective at responding to this need.

The challenge is not only one of improving the development of current district and school leaders, but also one of being prepared to support the successful development and introduction of new leaders to replace as many as 40-50% of current superintendents and school principals who are retiring over the next five years.

An out of the box” dynamic organization dedicated to collaborating with public education systems is needed to respond to this leadership development challenge.

In order for our “education reform” efforts to achieve the desired impact, we must dramatically increase our focus, investment, and commitment of resources and time in the development and support of effective local level leadership.

Central to this leadership development issue is the concept of renewal
             of energy, hope, beliefs, possibilities, and mental models.

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