As a school leader, what do you or your team provide to meet needs and develop positive outcomes? This chart from the work of Warren Bennis offers a starting point for reviewing your leadership's focus.

The Leadership Advantage by Warren Bennis  [ Leader to Leader, No. 12 Spring 1999 ]

To satisfy followers' needs and achieve positive outcomes, leaders must provide four things.
In Service of
Constituent Needs for:
Leaders Provide: To Help Create:
 1]  Meaning and direction Sense of purpose Goals and objectives
 2] Trust Authentic relationships Reliability and consistency
 3]  Hope and optimism "Hardiness" (confidence that things will work out) Energy and commitment
 4] Results Bias toward action, risk, curiosity, and courage Confidence and creativity

After reviewing this chart, we suggest you read the complete Bennis article [here].

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