As a leader, have you ever thought about situations in your school, in your work, that may make it "toxic?"
The demands on school leaders and the practices embedded within our schools can contribute to the creation of a toxic environment. With this in mind, the CCLR invites you to begin examining a most critical, yet often overlooked, leader issue.

We provide two resources for you to begin considering toxic work and your leadership.

An excerpt from Peter Frost's
Toxic Emotions at Work

   A website resource...

"Given the opportunities and challenges facing organizations in the twenty-first century ... good leadership more than ever requires the ability to anticipate pain and the skill to deal with it effectively and compassionately. At the very least, leaders need to understand how to clean up toxicity once it has been created. We can’t prevent emotional pain in the workplace, but leaders who recognize that that pain indeed exists — and have compassionate systems in place for dealing with it — can create healthy organizations."
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